Better Phantom Mother Voice

Updated July 9, 2018 /—–/ Working as of September 24, 2019

  • Updated for use with Custom Launchers!

I guess y’all should be used to tiny mods that barely change a thing now, haha. ‘Tis my specialty~

Mostly another little nitpick of mine, here. Phantom Mother’s normal voice has this tinny, low-quality voice that makes her sound almost like an arcade shooter game boss. While this is somewhat charming, at least to me, it does hurt my ears quite a bit…

Fortunately enough, included in Ep4’s story mode are some unaltered Falz Mother voice lines. So, I adjusted those to match Phantom Mother’s voice pitch, and voila! It’s the same voice, but not terribly low-quality!


This is my first mod for an EQ boss and not a regular free-field or story-mode boss, so please be patient if it suddenly breaks, and especially make haste to message and tell me about it!