Omega Apprentice Yuga

Updated July 30, 2018 /—–/ Working (?) as of August 4, 2018 It’s working this time! I swear! My apologies for uploading this and then taking it back down again not too long ago, there have been quiiiite a few issues I needed to iron out, mostly dealing with the textures. But, thankfully, after some…



Better Phantom Mother Voice

Updated July 9, 2018 /—–/ Working as of August 4, 2018 I guess y’all should be used to tiny mods that barely change a thing now, haha. ‘Tis my specialty~ Mostly another little nitpick of mine, here. Phantom Mother’s normal voice has this tinny, low-quality voice that makes her sound almost like an arcade shooter…



Omega Hunar Voice to Falz Hunar

Updated April 13, 2018 /—–/ Working as of August 4, 2018 -DOES NOT AFFECT STORY MODE OMEGA HUNAR-A small-ish mod, but something that I like, so I’d figure I’d release it now. Basically all this does is swap voices – Omega Hunar’s voice is replaced with Falz Hunar’s ordinary voice. Real, real simple! Of note,…



Omega Apprezia Yuga

Updated July 27, 2018 /—–/ Working as of August 4, 2018 Do you ever get that feeling, when there’s something tiny that’s bugging you but it’s just tiny and inconsequential enough that you feel like you might as well shrug and move on? This mod is that feeling. As with most of my mods, it’s…



D.B. Loser voice to Falz Angel

Updated August 7, 2018 /—–/ Working as of August 7, 2018 A pretty simple mod. Dark Blast Loser’s default voice is changed (as closely as possible) to the voice of Falz Angel. Angel speaks much more slowly than D.B. Loser, but most of the lines work without issue. A fair number of the attack sound…



D.B. Elder voice to Falz Hunar

Updated May 23, 2018 /—–/ Working as of August 4, 2018 A pretty simple mod. Dark Blast Elder’s default voice lines are replaced with the appropriate lines spoken from Falz Hunar (or, as close as possible). A few attack sound effects are changed, as well!   If there are any issues or suggestions, feel free…