Dark Blast Adaptive Colors

Updated January 22, 2019 /—–/ Working as of September 24, 2019

  • Updated for use with Custom Launchers!

Hiya! I’ve got something interesting to show y’all today.

So, building on my previous mods, I’ve been asked a lot (or, rather, complained to a lot) about the odd and mismatched DB colors. As it would be, all of them have colors that aren’t affected at all by either their main or sub color sliders – and some of these don’t look so good with some of your main or sub color combinations.

I sought to fix this! In a sorta similar vein to my recolorable EPD and S. Needle mods, this mod will make it so that certain colors that were previously unaffected by your sliders will now change appropriately. This is for both main and subcolors, and includes stuff like:

  • Elder’s purple bits now change to match your Subcolor
  • Loser’s gold feather highlights now match your Maincolor
  • Apprentice’s purple wings now match your Subcolor
  • Double recieved an overhaul – purple bits are matched to the Maincolor, but are somewhat darker, and the yellow bits are less saturated and change subtly based on your Maincolor
  • For most of the DBs, any gold armor pieces now change color subtly to match the Maincolor of the DB
  • [Optional] Added an option to recolor DB Apprentice’s bugs to have a blue-coloration a-la Yuga Darkers / ESC-A Darkers. They are not recolorable.

Needless to say – pretty complex, haha. So, if something breaks, or you have a comment to make about the coloration, please tell me asap~