F High poly nude over default basewear + Sexy Bikini Wear v3.5.1

Replaces the default basewear of all females races with a high poly body. Comes in two variants: featureless and (for you degenerates) innie and erect nips.

Also comes with nude inner for default and smart inner.

Now you gaijins can quit asking for nude mods

Note: Textures on the bottom of the feet aren’t properly done. Can’t bother spending hours trying to fine-tune to make it work with everything in pso2.

Note #2: Will clip with OU if OU is too small

Jan 23, 2018 update: Minor update for a body paint.

July 30, 2018 update: Added skin texture files. Not compatible with that shiny skin mod that is around.

Combined Sexy Bikini Wear/セクシービキニウェア and its variants into this file.

Other minor changes/fixes that am too lazy to document.

August 11, 2019 update: Removed skin textures from this mod. Will be separated due to file size constraints.