Omega Apprezina Yuga

Updated January 11, 2019 /—–/ Working as of September 24, 2019

  • Updated for use with Custom Launchers!


[Due to this mod’s filesize, Manual Backups will be required. Take a gander inside the .zip for instructions about this!]

Do you ever get that feeling, when there’s something tiny that’s bugging you but it’s just tiny and inconsequential enough that you feel like you might as well shrug and move on? This mod is that feeling.

As with most of my mods, it’s pretty simple really. It’s a texture mod for Omega Apprezina that makes her look a little more like a “DA-Abberation”, kinda like how Omega Hunar and Omega Angel look like their own DA-Abberations respectively. This will also modify her helper Bug Darkers to appear like DA-Abberations themselves!


I expect this mod will require updates fairly frequently, so check back often. As always, if you have anything to ask of me, or anything to say about the mod, please leave a comment!

(Please report any texture issues to me, as well – PSO2 seems rather finnicky with textures, and it was nothing short of a pain to get this to work)