PSO2 Japanese Community Nude Mod Installer rev.8

PSO2 Japanese Community Nude Mod Installer

This is a program that installs Nude Mod made in the Japanese community in a wizard. CRC patch etc. are included in advance, you can customize it as you like.

In addition, NSIS makes it easy to uninstall or change after installation. (In order to apply Mod, you need a third party launcher such as PSO2 Tweeker.)

To use it, decompress the downloaded zip file, double-click Setup PSO2NudeMod rev8.exe, specify the directory with pso2_bin, select any Mod and install it. For details, refer to the attached



NSISを使っているためアンインストールやインストール後の変更も容易に行なえます。(Modを適用させるためには、別途PSO2 Tweekerのようなサードパーティー製ランチャーが必要になります。)

使用方法は、ダウンロードしたzipファイルを解凍し、Setup PSO2NudeMod rev8.exeをダブルクリックで起動してpso2_binのあるディレクトリを指定し、任意のModを選択し、インストールします。詳細につきましては、付属のREADME_JA.mdを参考にしてください。

Change Log

 12 Nov. 2017

  • Initial Release

15 Nov. 2017

  • To omit

Nov. 2017

  • To omit

27 Apr. 2018

  • Add Museflau Texture
  • Add English
  • Change directory name to English.
  • I mentioned mistakenly for high res and high poly.
  • Change Baseware model

11 Jun 2018

  • Add esthe nude model.
  • Add installer for easy to Install and Remove.

08 Aug 2018

  • More easy to use Installer script.
  • Add Baseware option
  • Merged distributed 裸パッチ最新情報 Mods.
  • Add Smart inner Mods.

04 Sep 2018

  • Rewrite Textures.
  • Resize tits textures and add anal texture.
  • Suppress noticeable block noise of nipples when skin color is dark.
  • Treat the non-layering model and baseware as the same.
  • The underwear displayed with esthetic treatment same as inner
  • Fixed problem of model inconsistency

05 Sep 2018

  • Fixed Installer Bug.

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