Pso2 Mod manager

Latest Update: 16/12/2017

Kinda of an early version but since it works fine…

For now it only works with basic replacement mods also it’s not tracking yet the game ice file changes so it won’t detect yet when updates break the mods.

But it’s a mod manager. Basically you get a list of installed mods, uninstalled mods and can toggle them.

Edit: You may need VS C++ redistributable 2013 for it to run, get it from here.

  • New cool looking UI by Logue
  • Japanese translation by Logue 
  • Folders should generate now automatically on first start if they don’t exist
  • Mods downloaded twice when hitting download this shouldn’t happen anymore.
  • If you want to use the previous version for some reason you can download it from here

Update 5/6/2016

  • Now you can browse the mod database from the app and install mods from it
  • Basic support for local mods.
  • Fixed an error when uninstalling a mod the ui would get stuck with disabled buttons

Update 29/5/2016

  • Mod manager is now open source.
  • Updating mods now works.
  • Lot’s of internal plumbing, and added extra error checking while checking for the PSO2 folder, when installing/updating etc.
  • Note: Some mods with weird url slugs fail, i’m updating the site to fix that

Update 26/5/2016 R2

  • Hitsugi is not amused by this update. In other words, it has an icon.iconbleh
  • The mod manager should be able to download and install AgentWhiteBooty95 mods, including those that were saved as RAR.
  • If a PSO2 update overwrites the patches, you’ll see a “(Broken)” message in front of the installed mod name.
  • Fixed a case were oddly named files would break the mod manager.
  • Fixed a stupid bug when saving settings (Updated settings were getting appended in the end of the file), just load this new version and it will fix it automagically.

Update 25/5/2016

  • Cleaned code a bit
  • Fixed a bug where a mod download failure could leave a mod half installed (on the list but not working).
  • Fixed a bug on mod installing (just a stupid thing, that had no side effects with the current feature set but could have been messy on the long term).
  • Added collision detection. If any mod collides with anything you have installed it will warn you and won’t install.
  • Now files named  settings.csv, targets.csv, options.csv won’t get copied or anything (those will be used for advanced mod formats).

Upcoming features/roadmap

  • Browse mods from inside the mod manager
  • An Icon!
  • Track ice files so it detects when an update replaces them, so it shows the mod in the list of the uninstalled one
  • Download the ICE file from patch server when the backup directory is missing any ice file.
  • Avoid mod collision (so when you install a mod that affects a file and you’re going to install another that affects the same file it won’t and will tell you the reason).
  • Improve error handling.
  • Check for mod updates.
  • Advanced mod formats (check this)
    • Local mods (basically open a zip with a mod without having to upload it to the site)
  • Download a mod automatically by clicking a link on the site instead of copypasing the url