PSO2 Modding Tools

Update – 2019 December 11 – added noesis and another version of aqp2obj

— for unpacking and repacking VTBF formats
— has 2 versions where one will repack with normals calculated and another that will not
— for packing and unpacking ICE files
— for converting aqo to aqp and vice verse. Note that if you are getting an aqo from the OneDrive, you will need to strip the first four bytes.
— for nifl formats which is what pso2 uses post Ep4. Note that it is an incomplete tool and cannot do much.
— viewing both VTBF and NIFL formats in either aqo/aqp without having to unpack. Also allows exporting the model with rigging+textures included assuming the aqo/aqp is in the same area as the textures and aqn.
-modded checksum file (d5480a26b3dea3dda37abd1b61fb47cd)
— mods need it to work