Recolorable Lightstream

Updated August 11, 2019 /—–/ Working as of September 24, 2019

  • Updated for use with Custom Launchers!

Hi y’all!

More of the usual, don’tcha worry a bit~

So today, I’ve got a pretty huge mod to share with ya in a… startlingly tiny filesize!? If you’ve been playin’ PSO2 any time for the past… year, or so, Lighstream has basically been the king a’ the crop of all weapons. Holy magistrate, the brilliant lord of light… yadda yadda, at this point you probably have one of these bad boys!

And design-wise? They look badass. But, as you’ve heard me say a good number of times before, harsh contrast between colors, doesn’t work well with whatever color you chose, that sorta stuff.

So, here it is.


All Lightstream Weapons and Units are now properly recolorable.


Yeah, that’s right. All of ’em. Go hog-wild.


But, as usual, please please tell me about any issues or comments ya might have. It was pretty difficult to get them consistent, and I feel like still there are some spots that aren’t terribly consistent between the weapons, but having tested all of them at least on a cursory level, all of them look quite nice, at least in my opinion~

But what do ya think? And do ya want me to do more of this sorta stuff more regularly? Leeeemme know!