Recolorable Shooting Drive

Updated September 16, 2018 /—–/ Working as of September 24, 2019

  • Updated for use with Custom Launchers!

Game Launchers, I mean…

I had a bit of trouble with the thumbnail, but this oughta do!

We’ll cut to the chase this time. Sooo, recently a weapon camo version of the Shooting Drive OT weapon has been added, with all of its newly photon-recolorable glory! Or, supposedly. Thing was, only the red catapult thing in the middle actually changed color as it was – the rest of the weapon remained red.

Since red may not always be fitting to your current outfit or even the color you’ve chosen for the photon recolor, this mod fixes that and has the metal become colored in similarly!


If you have any questions or concer – aw forgeddaboutit, I’m goin home!!