Recolorable Spread Needle

Updated September 15, 2018 /—–/ Working as of September 24, 2019

  • Updated for use with Custom Launchers!

So I decided to try something different today!

This is an interesting mod, and an interesting change of pace. Now, when you look at the title, you might briefly reflect – “Hey, isn’t the Spread Needle already recolorable?” Indeed, it is! However…

For this mod, what I sought to do was to change the purple bits of Spread Needle. When using most photon color changes, the purple often doesn’t particularly look nice with the color in question. This mod does some tweaking to turn the purple section into an also recolorable part! Should you make your SN’s photons green, for instance, the gun will take on a faint green hue respectively. I thought it looked nice!


Soooo, with that all said, leave comments if you have anything to say, blah blah. You’ve heard it all before~