Seraphy swimsuit A+B

 Replaces Sega’s version of
Seraphy Swim A [Ba]セラフィ水着A[Ba]  and
Seraphy Swim B [Ba]セラフィ水着B[Ba]
with a high poly model.

Also removes inner on Seraphy Swim A [Ba]セラフィ水着A[Ba].

Clips with [Ou] and may have other clipping issues.

File hierarchy is currently set up to be used with the Reloaded Mod Loader. If you wish to use the mod without the mod loader, simply go to
of the mods and grab the ice file and place it into your pso2
(NOTE: If you wish to make a backup of the original file,  now is a good time to do it.)
and replace the file when you get a prompt to replace the file.