Shining Darkness Aurora

Updated July 27, 2018


(Contents below remain the same, but the DL link is gone. It’s been fun!)

Somethin straightforward, I think! This was requested a few months back on the PSO2 modding discord, but I only recently decided to take a crack at it!

Basically all this does is replace our normal ol’ Shining Dance Aurora with the Dark Falz variant used in Episode 5 story. It’s not only the textures, too – managed to get all of the proper particle effects working on the gun. It looks very pretty.


As per usual, if you have any comments and concerns regarding this, really, feel free to tell me!

Additionally, there is a very small chance SEGA may add this officially in the future as a camo or something. I highly doubt such a thing will happen, but on the very off chance it does, I’ll take this down post-haste! But for now, no need to worry~