*UPDATED* The Original Shiny Skins Mod (works on NA)

This is the Original Shiny Skins Mod, made by Fross09 (me). This Mod adds some gloss to the skin, making it look a lot less dry, the mod only works for human and deuman skins.  All skin definition remains intact. Because there’s 5 different levels of skin gloss and I made this before I knew there was a mod tool, it’s not compatible with the mod tool, however I did include sub zip files, I believe these will work with the mod tool easy, but because this mode contains 5 mods I Think I arranged the file as best as I could. I also included the default files should you wish to revert back to your dry scaly skin.

I just came across this site (wonderful place) and found out there’s an alternate version of my mod made by someone else who neglected to give me credit (C’mon guy). That mod seems to dissolve the detail of the body therefore I felt obligated to release this mod, because you deserve to have your shiny muscles.. sigh anyways here’s the original mod

*UPDATE* now works with cast faces
*UPDATE* the invisible basewear/innerwear has been removed from this mod for size sake, there will be another upload of it.