2020-06-08 12-19-06ShaderJuicy2

**Updated** Invisible Basewear!!

WE ALL DESERVE TO RUN AROUND IN UNDERWEAR!!– Fross09 -yes it works on NA (tweaker tested only) ** UPDATE ** IF YOU DOWNLOADED a previous version of this mod the newman basewear is causing an issue (a crash). I’m really sorry about this, however I have fixed the file that was causing the issue. I…

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*UPDATED* The Original Shiny Skins Mod (works on NA)

This is the Original Shiny Skins Mod, made by Fross09 (me). This Mod adds some gloss to the skin, making it look a lot less dry, the mod only works for human and deuman skins.  All skin definition remains intact. Because there’s 5 different levels of skin gloss and I made this before I knew…