Little Falz Loser but Purple

Last Updated April 22, 2018 More of a basic little test into the realms of texture editing and a personal amusement than anything. A few folks have poked me to release it, so I figured I’d oblige! It really is what it says on the tin. Little Falz Loser, but Purple. I had originally poked…



Female & Male Animation Swaps

Updated May 23, 2018 A really, really simple (but still pretty effective!) mod. It’s been made before at least 2-3 times prior, but I figure it should be uploaded somewhere accessable. In terms of function, all this mod does is swap Male and Female animations for most default things, like running around, standing around, jumping…



D.B. Loser voice to Falz Angel

Updated May 23, 2018 A pretty simple mod. Dark Blast Loser’s default voice is changed (as closely as possible) to the voice of Falz Angel. Angel speaks much more slowly than D.B. Loser, but most of the lines work without issue. A fair number of the attack sound effects have been replaced, as well!  …



D.B. Elder voice to Falz Hunar

Updated May 23, 2018 A pretty simple mod. Dark Blast Elder’s default voice lines are replaced with the appropriate lines spoken from Falz Hunar (or, as close as possible). A few attack sound effects are changed, as well!   If there are any issues or suggestions, feel free to comment or let me know with…