Dark Blast Adaptive Colors

Updated October 27, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 Hiya! I’ve got something interesting to show y’all today. So, building on my previous mods, I’ve been asked a lot (or, rather, complained to a lot) about the odd and mismatched DB colors. As it would be, all of them have colors that aren’t…



D.B. Double voice to Falz Dourumble

Updated October 12, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 Well, looks like the end. Took long enough. As with the other three, not much to be said here – just a small and simple mod! This time, replaces the last (?) DB form – DB Double’s – voice with that of the original…



Recolorable Shooting Drive

Updated September 16, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 I had a bit of trouble with the thumbnail, but this oughta do! We’ll cut to the chase this time. Sooo, recently a weapon camo version of the Shooting Drive OT weapon has been added, with all of its newly photon-recolorable glory! Or, supposedly….



Omega Dourumble Voice to Falz Dourumble

Updated August 28, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 A pretty small but strangely complex (but still kinda simple) mod! This mod will go and change the newer voices of the Omega Double forms to that of Falz Double’s forms – even in their story mode appearances (given that this time, the host…



D.B. Apprentice voice to Falz Apprezina

Updated October 12, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 Part Three! But as always, a mostly self-explanitory mod – this mod changes the default voice of DB Apprentice to that of Falz Apprezina (with one or two lines from the Apprentice Clone for good measure!)   Not muuuuch to say here, this time….



Recolorable Eternal Psycho Drive

Updated September 15, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 Ah, to heck with it, this is fun, I might do a whole set of these! It’s sorta a small thing, but it’s very, very effective. If you’ve ever used an EPD without a camo, you’ll quickly notice that the colors are… a little…



Recolorable Spread Needle

Updated September 15, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 So I decided to try something different today! This is an interesting mod, and an interesting change of pace. Now, when you look at the title, you might briefly reflect – “Hey, isn’t the Spread Needle already recolorable?” Indeed, it is! However… For this…



D.F. Rina Styled Frey Fiora

Updated August 18, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 The usual, the usual~ A silly and simple little mod in-all.  Not much to say today for this one! This mod is a pretty simple recolor – in a similar vein to Aurora’s DF variant weapon, RINA’s weapon is recolored slightly to match her…



Omega Apprentice Yuga

Updated July 30, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 My apologies for uploading this and then taking it back down again not too long ago, there have been quiiiite a few issues I needed to iron out, mostly dealing with the textures. But, thankfully, after some irritation, it works now, so here it…



Shining Darkness Aurora

Updated July 27, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 Somethin straightforward, I think! This was requested a few months back on the PSO2 modding discord, but I only recently decided to take a crack at it! Basically all this does is replace our normal ol’ Shining Dance Aurora with the Dark Falz variant…



Falz Room Decor

Updated July 24, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 I think, at this rate, it’s getting quite obvious I very much like Falzes, huh? Ahah, in any case, here’s just a small little something from me! This is, as usual, a simple mod, but it’s somewhat less straightforward than my other mods, curiously…



Apprentice Grudge Yuga

Updated July 15, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 Just a small little thing I figured I had ought to have done, for consistency’s sake with my other mod(s)! With the advent of the (admittedly rather boring looking) Apprentice Grudge Omega, and since I had Apprezina Yuga mod laying around, I figured I’d…



Better Phantom Mother Voice

Updated July 9, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 I guess y’all should be used to tiny mods that barely change a thing now, haha. ‘Tis my specialty~ Mostly another little nitpick of mine, here. Phantom Mother’s normal voice has this tinny, low-quality voice that makes her sound almost like an arcade shooter…



Omega Hunar Voice to Falz Hunar

Updated April 13, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 -DOES NOT AFFECT STORY MODE OMEGA HUNAR-A small-ish mod, but something that I like, so I’d figure I’d release it now. Basically all this does is swap voices – Omega Hunar’s voice is replaced with Falz Hunar’s ordinary voice. Real, real simple! Of note,…



Omega Apprezia Yuga

Updated September 18, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 Do you ever get that feeling, when there’s something tiny that’s bugging you but it’s just tiny and inconsequential enough that you feel like you might as well shrug and move on? This mod is that feeling. As with most of my mods, it’s…



Little Falz Loser but Purple

Updated April 22, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 More of a basic little test into the realms of texture editing and a personal amusement than anything. A few folks have poked me to release it, so I figured I’d oblige! It really is what it says on the tin. Little Falz Loser,…



Female & Male Animation Swaps

Updated May 23, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 A really, really simple (but still pretty effective!) mod. It’s been made before at least 2-3 times prior, but I figure it should be uploaded somewhere accessable. In terms of function, all this mod does is swap Male and Female animations for most default…



D.B. Loser voice to Falz Angel

Updated October 12, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 A pretty simple mod. Dark Blast Loser’s default voice is changed (as closely as possible) to the voice of Falz Angel. Angel speaks much more slowly than D.B. Loser, but most of the lines work without issue. A fair number of the attack sound…



D.B. Elder voice to Falz Hunar

Updated October 10, 2018 /—–/ Working as of November 6, 2018 A pretty simple mod. Dark Blast Elder’s default voice lines are replaced with the appropriate lines spoken from Falz Hunar (or, as close as possible). A few attack sound effects are changed, as well!   If there are any issues or suggestions, feel free…